Rspec Explorer Camera

Rspec camera aimed at spectral tube and LED tower

Hydrogen emission spectrum, as viewed with Rspec software.

LED tower spectrum, as viewed with Rspec software.
  • The Rspec Explorer is a web cam with diffraction grating attached. A live image, or previously acquired pictures of a spectrum can be viewed and shown to a class, and features explained and analyzed.
  • The Rspec software (shown above) allows for spectral analysis, and can be downloaded here: As long as the camera is plugged into your computer, a software license passcode is not required. Both mac and pc versions are available. 
  • Some useful instructional videos can be found here:
  • The LED tower (shown in top photo above, next to spectral tube) contains 11 different LED’s of various wavelength, and pairs well with the camera as a demo.
  • Located in L35, Isle G, top shelf, next to diffraction gratings.