Infrared Activity of CO2

Image shows tin containers for this demo in their location.
  • Demonstrate the greenhouse effect, as outlined here:
  • Set everything up as shown in the link above; use a white trifold background. Be careful of reflections off of the plastic wrap in the direction of the camera.
  • Empty at least half of a CO2 canister into one of the tins and close quickly with plastic wrap and rubber bands.
  • Heat for approximately 4 minutes; may want to wait before doing this to allow the CO2 canister to come to room temperature (will be cold after filling).
  • Remove heat lamps and watch the results through the IR camera – should see that the CO2 canister cools at a slower rate.
  • Located in L01, section B-6
  • Full setup material list:
    • 2 lab jacks
    • 2 tin canisters (peanut containers)
    • 4 rubber bands (two per container)
    • Plastic wrap
    • IR camera on tripod
    • Extension cords
    • White trifold
    • 2 ring stands
    • 2 light bulbs (suggest 125 W)
    • CO2 canister for bike tire inflation