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1 over r^2 lights

1/d^2 Dependence

3 Crossed Diffraction Gratings

Air Wedge

Atomic Spectra

Barber Pole

Birefringence & Optical Activity

Blackboard Optics

Color Filters

Concave-Convex Combo

Concave/Convex Mirrors

Crossed Polarizers

Diffraction of light

DVD Diffraction

Einstein Illusion

Fresnel Lens

Human Eye Model

Incandescent Ray Box

Index of Refraction

Infrared Camera

Interference Filters

Internal Reflection Spiral

Laser light bend

Lenses and Mirrors

Light and Lasers (outreach set)

Light Bulb Energy Usage

Microwave Optics

Mirror Sphere

Mixing red and green lasers

Olive Oil Fluorescence

Optical Fiber in Oil

Optical Rotation Bowl

Perpetual Top

Phantom Crystals

Phone Magnifying Lens

Photovoltaic Cell

Pinhole Eyeglasses

Plane Mirrors

Poisson Spot

Polarization (outreach set)



Reflective Hologram

Refraction with Water

Ripple Tank

Rspec Explorer Camera

Scattering and Absorption

Scattering Sunset


Speed of Light in Water

Spherical Aberration

Sunset Egg

Thin Film Interference

Tonic Water Fluorescence

Total Internal Reflection

Two-Slit Interference

UV Flashlight / UV Beads

Water Optics