Unmixing demo

unmixing 2

  • The gap between two concentric transparent cylinders is filled with glycerin. A handle attached to the inner cylinder allows the inner cylinder to be rotated smoothly.
  • Dyed glycerine (red, blue, and/or green) is injected into the clear glycerine using the syringes shown.
  • After the dyed glycerine is injected, the inner cylinder can be turned several times, causing the dyed regions to mix and disappear.
  • Surprisingly, turning the inner cylinder backwards, theĀ same number of turns, unmixes the dyes andĀ brings them back to their original appearance and location.
  • Inner cylinder is filled with water (to keep it from floating) creating index matching between the cylinders, and causing the inner cylinder to completely disappear.
  • Video of this apparatus in use:https://youtu.be/cTek7WN4AD4
  • Demo is located in L35. Glycerine can be reused several times before replacement is required.