Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demo Picture
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demo Picture

Located in L35, section H-3.


Very nice (and expensive) demo. Please handle with care.

For detailed operation instructions see Instructions booklets-
one for fuel cell stack, and one for electrolyzer.

  • Connect fuel cell stack to electrolyzer as shown in above picture.
  • Fill tall cylinder with distilled water up to the 0 cm mark.
  • Fill the water reservoir of the electrolyzer with deionized water up to the -A- mark.
  • Connect the power supply, or solar cell, to the positive and negative terminals of the electrolyzer. Current causes water to split into oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen escapes into the atmosphere, and the hydrogen accumulates in the gas storage tank (tall cylinder).
  • When hydrogen gas is allowed to flow into the fuel cell stack (see fuel cell operating instructions booklet; pg 9), the voltage difference that develops across the stack can be used to power the fan (see above picture).
  • Also, the voltage difference across each individual cell can be measured with a volt meter.

For Demo and Lab ideas see “Fuel Cell Technology for Classroom
Instruction” booklet.