Weight of Air

weight of air 2

Lid of plastic bottle, shown above, is a pump, and can be used to pump air into container.

Place empty bottle on sensitive digital scale and record scale reading. Then pump additional air into bottle and re-weigh.

weight of air 1

  • Bottle and pump located in L02, section B-5.
  • Scale in L35, section D-2.

Driven Oscillator


Driven Oscillator Demo Picture

When the sine wave generator is tuned to the right freequency ( the natural frequency of the mass-spring system) the mass oscillates with very large amplitude. When generator is not tuned to the natural frequency of the spring (even if off by .1 Hz), oscillation amplitude is very small.


  • Pasco Sine Wave Generator and Driver: L35, section C3
  • Masses: L35, section D1
  • Ring Stand: L35, section A
  • Spring: L35, section C2


Terminal Velocity


Terminal Velocity Demo Picture

  • Demonstrate how terminal velocity depends on mass and surface area.
  • Stack coffee filters together to increase mass. Race coffee filter with cupcake wrapper to show dependence on surface area.
  • Located in L02; section D1.