Faster-than-g Falling Chain


  • Hold both ends of the chain- one end in each hand- so that the chain hangs freely and forms a U shape.
  • When one end of the chain is released it accelerates toward the ground faster than g. To prove it, drop an object simultaneously with the chain end, and listen to hear which one strikes the ground first.
  • Requires standing on ladder.
  • Chain located in L02, section B3. Plastic balls in section A2.

Chain Fountain

chain fountain

Few demos are as simple and surprising as this one.

  • Chain appears to levitate as it falls out of cup.
  • Elevate cup above floor 5 to 7 feet. Pull end of chain out of cup to begin initial descent. Chain will self-siphon.
  • While the chain falls at an accelerating rate, a standing wave develops above the lip of the cup and levitates.
  • See a brief youtube video here.
  • See a slow-mo video here, with a conceptual explanation.

Located in L02, section B-3.