Victorian Bulb


  • The Victorian light bulb (a replica of Thomas Edison’s original design) contains a long, visible, carbon filament.
  • When a neodymium magnet is brought into close proximity of the bulb, the field of the magnet causes the filaments to vibrate at 60 Hz (the frequency of AC current in the filaments).


  • Bulb located in L01, section B3 (in a small, labeled box).
  • Lamp cord in L35, section D2.

Light Bulb Energy Usage



light bulb energy usage

light bulb energy usage2

  • When bulbs consume the same amount of power (same wattage) their brightness differs substantially- the incandescent bulb is much dimmer than both the compact fluorescent and the LED, which are of comparable brightness.
  • Bulb power can be adjusted using sliders. Meter connected to bulb tells both watts and volts.
  • Located in L01, section B5