Parallel Currents

Parallel Currents demo picture

force on parallel wires

  • Demonstrate force between parallel currents.
  • Using two power supplies, send current through both stationary and balancing wires.
  • Angle of mirror connected to pivot will change as wires are pulled together or pushed apart due to Lorentz force. A laser beam, deflected by mirror, can be used to show the otherwise imperceptible change of mirror angle.
  • To determine the strength of the Lorentz force: mark the laser position on a distant wall both with and without current- using current that produces attraction, not repulsion. Then, with current off, place small pieces of folded up tin foil on top of movable wire (using platform on wire) until deflection of laser matches that produced by Lorentz force. Weigh tin foil pieces with sensitive digital scale to determine gravitational force.
  • Compare gravitational force to Lorentz force.
  • Distance between wires, and wire length, can be measured using ruler. Current can be measured using Ammeter.
  • Current balance located in L01, section B3.
  • Power supply, laser, digital scale, ammeter, and tin foil in L35.


Human Battery


Human Battery demo photo
Human Battery demo photo 2

  • A copper sheet electrode and an aluminum sheet electrode
    are connected to a voltmeter. Place a hand on each electrode and observe the
    voltage ( you are the electrolyte).
  • Located in L01, section B3. Voltmeter and cables in L35.


Lemon Battery


Lemon Battery demo photo
Lemon Battery demo photo 2

  • Insert a copper and a zinc electrode into lemon; connect electrodes to multimeter. Experiment with different electrodes.
  • Electrodes located in L01, section B3; multimeter in section