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Charge and Pivot

Charge on Conductor

Charged Balloons

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Coulomb Apparatus

Coulomb Force on Water

Crude Generator and Motor

Current in Solenoid


Electrical Circuits (outreach set)

Electromagnetic Induction (outreach set)



Faraday Ice Pail


Hand Crank Van de Graaff Generator

Homopolar Motor

Induction Boxes

Induction Firefly

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Induction Pendulum

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Jumping Ring

Jumping Wire / Parallel Currents

Kelvin Water Dropper

Lenz’s Law Pendulum

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Lenz’s Law Plate

Light and Lasers (outreach set)

Magnet and Solenoid

Mutual Induction

Penguin Circuit

Polarization (outreach set)

Polymagnets (demo set)

Rolling Magnet

Space-time Fabric

Static Charge Indicator

Static Electricity (outreach set)

Van de Graaff Generator

Victorian Bulb

Wimshurst Generator

Wire loop in B-field