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Charge and Pivot

Charge on Conductor

Charged Balloons

Coulomb Apparatus

Crossed Polarizers

Crude Generator and Motor

Current Balance

Current in Solenoid

Diamagnetic Levitation

Dip Needle


E over M Apparatus

e-beam in B-field

Electrical Circuits (outreach set)


Electromagnetic Induction (outreach set)



Energy Ball

Energy in Capacitor

Faraday Cage

Faraday Ice Pail


Field around Current

Flame in Capacitor

Force on Capacitor Plates

Force on Dielectric

Force on Wire

Gauss’s Law

Glowing Pickle

Guitar Pickups

Hand Crank Van de Graaff Generator

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Human Battery

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Jumping Wire / Parallel Currents

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Lemon Battery

Lenz’s Law Pendulum

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Lenz’s Law Plate

Leyden Jar

Light Bulb Energy Usage

Lights in Series and Parallel

Lorentz Force

Magnet and Solenoid

Magnetic Domains

Magnetic Torque


Meissner Effect

Microwave Optics

Mutual Induction

Optical Rotation Bowl

Parallel Currents

Paramagnetism of LOx

Penguin Circuit

Photovoltaic Cell


Polymagnets (demo set)


Rolling Magnet

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Space-time Fabric

Static Charge Indicator

Static Electricity (outreach set)

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Transmission Speed

Van de Graaff Gen.

Van de Graaff Generator

Victorian Bulb

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Wire loop in B-field