LOx 1

Paramagnetism of LOx


Paramagnetism of LOx demo picture

Paramagnetism of LOx demo picture 2

Paramagnetism of LOx demo picture 3

  • This demo works best with small groups as the effect is short lived and visible only at close range.
  • Wear cryo gloves at all times during the performance of this
  • Fill small styrofoam cooler (top photo) with liquid nitrogen to a depth of 5 or 6 inches. Submerge magnet in LN2 to cool down. When magnet reaches temperature of LN2, boiling becomes less rapid (may take 2 or 3 minutes). If magnet is not sufficiently cold, LOx will evaporate before suspension can be observed.
  • Using a paper cup, remove some LN2 from styrofoam cooler and pour into suspended can. Liquid oxygen will condense on surface of can and drip into magnet’s variable gap.


  • Aluminum can, clamp, and magnet located in L01, section B2.
    Styrofoam cooler and ring stand in L34.
  • 5G30.20